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Rashi aunty stripping her bra and panty

Long haired beauty stripping off her transparent bra and panty to expose herself full nude infront of her lover!

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The Whore Did The Whole Town - Part III

This is the continuation of my story please read first the part II click here

Ghumar came towards us and gave a look at both of us from top to bottom and said: Bada sajh ke aayi hai tu aaj. I gave him a nice smile and introduced my friend to him: Yeah meri dost hai Shikha"
Ghumar said: Hmmm, Isko bhi kaam chahiye na.
Shikha exclamed: Nahi Nahi!
Ghumar said: Kya? Phir papad belne aayi hai yaha kya?
I said: Yeh yaha pe 'saap' ko dekhne aayi hai. Thodi dari hui hai bus.
Ghumar gave a smile and said: Ohh to yeah 'saap' ke liye aayi hai. Koi baat nahi, ek baar usse mil legi phir khud hi thundey par lag jayegi. Ja isko apne kamre mein le ja aur tayar kar, mein abhi aata hu. I asked Shikha to follow me and took her to my room and closed the curtain behind me.
Shikha looked at me in disgust and said: Your Room? You work here? Are you fucking crazy? And look at this shit place you call this a room? There's a fucking urinal next to the bed. She covered her face while saying that to avoid the smell of the toilet. I calmed her down by holding her hand and said:

Look, don't think too much right now, just do what I'm telling you and believe me you'll thank me later. I hugged her and kissed her to console her and tried to talk her in to it. Just then Ghumar entered the room and said: Abhi tak kapdey nahi utrey? Saali poori raat nahi hai mere paas.
He got angry and came near Shikha and pushed her on the bed. She tripped and fell down. Ghumar then took a hold of her top and took it off and tore her bra and threw it in the toilet. He pushed her back by her breast so that she fell on her back on the bed and quickly took off her skirt and her shoes. He used both his hands and tore off Shikha's panties and threw that in the toilet too.

He started to take his clothes off and in no time he was naked in front of Shikha. Shikha was lying naked in front of me and Ghumar and was very scared and had used her hands to cover whatever of herself she could when Ghumar got naked his monster cock was hanging down and Shikha saw it in amazement. I could see the lust in her eyes and I knew she would love it and thank me afterwards.  Ghumar then yelled and called his assistant when he came in he started to look at the naked spectacle on show

Shikha. Shikha was very embarrassed and she started to cry now. Ghumar looked at me and said: Tu iske saath ja, yeh tujhe doosra kamra de de ga aur kaam par lag ja.
I said: Mein agar yaha par thodi der ruk jao to theek hai? Please?
He looked at me for a few seconds and said: Theek hai ruk ja. Shikha looked at me and I guess was a bit relieved. Ghumar looked at the crying Shikha and said:Tujhe SMS bheju mera lund choosney ke liye? Ithar aa aur shuru kar.

Shikha looked at me and then Ghumar and didn't move a bit. She lay there in her feeble position - Motionless. Ghumar got impatient and angry and said: Saali randi shuru karti hai ya maru ek ulta haath? Aur rona band kar varna yaha se nanga hi neechey phek doonga abhi. I looked at Shikha and said: Dar mat bed ke edge par beth aur apna muh khol. She realized she didn't have an option so she wiped her tears and sat on the edge of the bed and took hold of the monster cock of Ghumar and opened her mouth to put it in. 

She was very gentle with his cock and had put in just the head of the dick in when Ghumar took a hold of her head from her hair and pushed it in towards him. Ghumar's dick rammed in Shikha's mouth and immediately she started to gag. Ghumar continued this exercise just like he did for me and any other fresh girls till they get used to his dick. Shikha was a quick learner and had closed her eyes and started to enjoy it very soon now as I saw her other hand fingering her clit. Ghumar had one of his hands behind Shikha's head and he used the other to squeeze the life out of Shikha's boobs. 

Her boobs were turning red with his squeezing. Ghumar looked at me and said: Tu kya dekh rahi hai saali, chal apne kapde uttar aur meri gaand aur tattey chaat peechey se. I obeyed him and immediately started to strip and sat down on my feet over the toilet which was behind where Ghumar was standing. I managed to balance myself over the Indian toilet and started to suck Ghumar's balls from behind. 

My tongue just managed to reach his balls from such a distance. He then said: Haatho mein mehendi lagi hai kya? Haatho se meri gaand khol meri aur chaat. I obeyed him again and used my hands to spread his ass cheeks and inserted my face between them to lick his asshole. It was full of hair and there were pieces of unwashed shit still clinging there. It smelled really bad and I could taste pieces of his shit coming on to my tongue and I regularly spit them out. 

Ghumar didn't like these interruptions and so released Shikha's boob and got hold of my head from the back and pushed it inside his ass crack and said: Achey se chaat saali rand. I closed my eyes and started to lick his ass wildly and then I could hear him moan in pleasure. Soon, he released my head and asked me not to stop. He told Shikha to get on his knees and he pulled her towards him and slowly guided his dick in her pussy. 
Shikha used her hands to push him back when he tried to move in and this annoyed him, so he said: Apne haath hata aur vapas yaha mat layiyo varna haath kaat doonga. 

Shikha moved her hands and grabbed the bed sheet and made fists of the bed spread to get some grip. Ghumar then managed to insert his dick's head in her pussy and Shikha was screaming instead of him moving towards Shikha, he was pulling her towards him by her waist. 
This way he was stationary and Shikha was moving to and fro from his dick. He did this so that I could lick his asshole without interruption. He increased his rhythm slowly with Shikha and her screaming increased a lot. Being a sex machine this got him more excited and he increased his strokes and starting pulling her to and fro faster and harder. 

Shikha was screaming like a true whore and from my personal experience I understood she was enjoying every bit of it. Ghumar then asked me to stop and pushed Shikha back on her back and made her spread her legs. He went on his knees and positioned himself in front of her pussy and spread her legs. He rammed his dick back in her pussy and this time almost all his dick went inside of Shikha. It was not possible to take Ghumar’s entire dick inside for the first time. I had fucked him twice and still wasn't able to take his entire length in me but Shikha was still doing well.

Ghumar spread Shikha's legs and put all his weight on Shikha and squeezed her boobs and kissed her all over. He inserted his tongue in her mouth and kissed her while ramming her pussy. The entire bed was moving and squeaking just like it does in those porn movies. Shikha's eyes were closed and she was moaning and screaming at the same time. I stood naked next to the bed and was fingering myself and just waiting to get fucked by all those men waiting outside. I was getting wetter and wetter. 

Shikha's screaming got louder and she was responding to ghumar's strokes which made me understand that she was about to orgasm. Ghumar had an incredible stamina and he fucked Shikha in the missionary position for the next 15 mins with varying pace. Shikha was deep under Ghumar's weight and was using her legs to wrap. I Ghumar's ass and guiding his dick back in her cunt. I knew she was enjoying herself and having the time of her life after about 10 mins more, Ghumar was about to cum so he took out his dick and sprayed his jizz all over Shikha's body and took a breath of relief. 

Shikha just laid there with her legs open and eyes closed and her hands were above her head. She was breathing very heavily and didn't have the energy to move.  Ghumar looked at me and while pointing to all the cum on Shikha's body said: Chal saara chaat le phataphat. I obeyed him but before licking all the cum from Shikha's body I bent down, sat on my knees and took his dick in my mouth and started to clean it. He said: Samajhdar ho gayi hai. I looked at him and with his dick in my mouth I gave him a smile. He then started to get up from the bed and I moved to 

Shikha's body to lick the sperm from her. Ghumar started to dress up which amazed me and I said: Meri baari nahi aayegi? He said: Yeh chaat ke doosrey kamrey mein ja mein customer bhejta hoon. I said: Nahi mera matlab tha, tumharey saath meri baari nahi aayegi kya? He said: Abhi nahi, abhi thundey ka time hai. I looked at him with emotional eyes and said: Please thodi der. Uske baad mein kaam pe lag jaoongi.

He said: Thunda kaun karega? teri ma aayegi apni choot dene? I was already on my knees as was licking the sperm off Shikha's body and had one hand fingering my pussy. So I crawled to Ghumar who had put his kurta on by now and held his legs and then kissed his dick and said:
Please manna mat karo, mein khaas tere lund ke liye aayi hu aaj raat, aur tere liye nai chuut bhi to layi hu. Please manna mat karo na, sirf thodi der. He looked down at me and gave a smile and said: Chal bheek mang mere lund le liye. 

Phir mein sochoonga. Immediately I held my hands together and started to beg him for his dick and said: please? He said: Kya angrezi mein bhauk rahi hai. Bheek mangani nahi aati? Then I replied: Aap please thodi der mujhe chodh do. Mein 3 din se iss lund ke sapne le rahi hu. Mujhe aur na tadpao, mein teri kutiya hu, aap jaise chaho waise mujhe thoko par please thoko mujhe. I couldn't believe i could say such things and that to for a cock in a brothel. But I was desperate for his dick and would have done anything for it.

He looked down at me and said: Acha acha theek hai chal pehle uske upar se muth safa kar. I turned back and saw Shikha looking at me and smiling. I smiled back at her and started to lick her body of the sperm. Ghumar looked at Shikha now and said: Ab bol, abhi bhi manna karegi yaha kaam karney se? Shikha looked at Ghumar and with a smile nodded her head in agreement. He said: Sab saali randiya hoti hai befaltu mein natak karti hai. We both looked at each other and smiled. Ghumar took off his kurta again to fuck me, but before that he yelled and called his assistant, when he entered he pointed at Shikha and said: Chal ab isko thundey pe laga de. Ghumar looked at Shikha and said:

Iske saath ja, yeh tujhe sab samjha dega aur tera kamra dikha dega. Shikha stood up and started to look for her clothes when Ghumar said: Abey kapde pehen ke chudhegi kya? Jaldi ja. Shikha looked at me and she was very happy with the great fuck and she waived bye to me and went out naked to the other room with the assistant. Now it was my turn to be fucked by Ghumar. He now looked at me and said:

Chal chalu kar without wasting time I took his dick in my mouth and started to suck it and rubbed his balls with my hands. I could slowly feel him growing harder in my mouth and I loved the feeling. I then decided to try something new and so I started to rub his asshole with my one hand. He responded well to that and started to moan. I liked it that he liked me giving pleasure to him. I was his slave and would have done anything for him. I took it to the next level and inserted one finger in his asshole and took it deep. 

He moaned harder and his dick became harder and harder. I started to move my finger in and out of his asshole and he seemed to love it. He then asked me to put another finger in his asshole and he loved it. Soon he was hard enough and asked me to go in doggy to get fucked. I was very excited and quickly jumped on the bed and came on the edge of the bed in doggy position and put my head down on the bed with my ass high up in the air facing Ghumar and waiting for him to fuck the hell out of me.

He was very horny now and instead of doing the usual of inserting it slowly he simply rammed his dick in my pussy. This made me scream and he pulled me by hair. He was fucking me like a rabbit and squeezed my boobs with one hand while doing I was in cloud number nine. His rhythm got harder and harder and I loved it. I cum within the next 5 minutes. He pushed my head down on the bed again and then inserted his finger in my asshole and started to lubricate it. Then he inserted another finger in m asshole and started to fuck my asshole with his two fingers. This was so exciting that I cum again. Soon I was very impatient for him to fuck my ass so I said: Please meri gaand chodho na?

He was happy to oblige me and took his dick out immediately and inserted his dick in my ass. He rammed his dick in my ass and went crazy fucking me, orgasm again. We fucked like that for the next 20 mins and then he was about to cum. I wanted him to cum in my ass as I wanted to feel his warm cum inside me so I said: Gaand mein hi daal dena. He agreed and soon he cummed his huge load in my ass and fell on top of me. I collapsed on the bed with his dick in my ass and my ass full of his cum. I was the happiest I had ever been. 

Ghumar then got active and started to take out his dick from my ass, when I said: Mat nikalo na. Thodi der rehne do andar. He didn't stop and said: Saari raat mere lund se hi chudhti rahegi to thunda kab karegi. Then with one swift motion he took out his dick and all the sperm started to ooze out from my asshole and started to drip over my pussy and the bed. I was lying with my chest and face on the bed and my ass in the air with my legs spread wide apart.  

I didn't have the energy to move now as my ass was very sore with Ghumar's humongous dick fucking it. When Ghumar was dressed he slapped my ass and said: Chal ab tayaar hoja, customer bhejta hu. Aur agar aaj tuney mujhe khush kara apne thunda se to inaam mein kal subah mera lund milega nashtey ke saath. Hearing this I immediately got up and with ecstatic eyes looked at him and replied: Pukka? Fikar mat karo mein wohi karoongi jo aap bologey, par mujhe subah phir chodhogey na apne lund se?

He said: Bahut saarey customer wait kar rahey hai, jitna jaldi kaam karegi utna jaldi apna lund doonga. I was very happy hearing that he would be fucking me again but I knew there was a big wait outside and it would take a long time for them all to clear so I said: Do do aadmiyo ko ek saath bhej do andar, meri gaand bhi chodhlenge toh jaldi ho jayega.

I gave him a nice smile while saying that and he also smiled back as he saw how impatient and hungry I was for him. He was also happy that I had become a trained whore now and was helping him earn more money. He said: Tujhe maar dalenge. Yeh sab janwar hai. Mein ek ek karke hi bhejta hu. I lied back on the bed on my back, opened my legs and started to rub my pussy of the sperm that was dripping from my ass and waited for the customers to come in. Meanwhile I was wondering what was happening to Shikha and whether she was enjoying herself or not. 

I wanted to go and see her but I was in more hurry to finish fucking the customers so that I can get Ghumar's dick back in my ass and pussy.
In the next hour or so, 5 guys came to my room and fucked my pussy. They all were drunk as it was late in the night and all of them were more like construction workers from the neighbouring villages. They smelled of sweat and a combination of shit and pee but their raw animal sexual urge made me wet for them and I loved having their dicks tear my pussy apart. 

They had their hands all over my body and bit my boobs, my lips and my neck. I was being treated like a randi and I loved that when the 5th guy left, there was a break for about 2-3 mins which made me impatient as I wanted to fuck as many as fast so that I could get Ghumar back in my room. Hearing no one come in I stood up to have a look from the curtain door what was happening. I moved the curtain a little and popped my head out to see what was happening, just then I saw Shikha's driver Ramesh standing outside my room and said:

Hello Madam, mein andar aa jao. I was speechless. I didn't know what to respond so I just stood there. My naked body wasn't visible as the curtain was covering it and Ramesh couldn't see it. He had a grin on his face. He slowly took the curtain in his hand and removed it and forced himself in the room quietly. Since there was no space to stand for two people at the entrance of my room, I tripped and fell on my bed on my back. To be continued..

The Whore Did The Whole Town - Part II

The Whore Did The Whole Town - Part II CLICK HERE

I reached the parking lot at Palika Bazar by 5 pm and Ghumar's assistant drove away after he dropped me. I was very sore and tired with all the screwing I'd experienced in the past 24 hours. So, I first went in the market at Pallika Bazaar to get something to eat and grab a drink to get my sugar levels up. After that I went down to the basement to get in my car.

When I reached near my car I saw the same security guard of the floor sitting on the boot of my car chatting to another of his security guard friend. Looking at me he got off the car and gave me a wicked smile and elbowed his friend to have a look at me. I guess he had told him about the experience he had with me yesterday. Looking at them I slowed my pace and was a little skeptical as to how to handle the situation.
 I was already very tired and just didn't have the energy to shout or fight with anyone anymore when I reached my car the security guard greeted me and said: Kya haal hai madam? Badi der laga di aaney mein? Yeh mera dost hai, Ali. I looked at him and gave him a nod and a smile instead of using words to greet him. Just then the security guard put his hand on my lower back and started to guide me towards his cabin and said:
Aaja andar aaja, aaraam se baat kartey hai I knew he wanted to fuck me again and I thought it would be useless to resist it and decided to go along with it without wasting anytime. They closed the door behind them when I entered the room and I sat on the bed and kept all the stuff I had in my hands next to the bed. The security guard then came and sat next to me on the bed and started to kiss me on my lips and caress my boobs over my top.
Seeing the other guard, Ali got really excited and realized that his friend wasn't bluffing earlier and said: Tu theek keh raha tha yaar, yeh to sahi mein randi hai. He came and sat on the other side of me and started to caress my other boob and slid his hand under my skirt over my thigh and then slowly took his hand over my pussy and started to caress it. I was too tired for the foreplay and it was getting late for me to get home so I stopped them and said:
Mujhe jaldi jaana hai, to please aaj jaldi se thoklo varna mere liye problem ho jayegi. Ali, was really shocked hearing this but the other security guard wasn't and immediately stood up and started to take his clothes off. Ali came back to his senses soon and started to strip. I also stood up and quickly took my clothes off and in no time I was naked in front of both of them.
Ali had a typical Muslim beard and a pot belly. He had a very hairy body with a very dense pubic region and his dick wasn't very long but was very thick. Looking at it erect from a distance I could see it nearly twice as thick as my wrist. This kind of excited me but also scared me. Since, I was in a rush I asked Ali to lie on the bed and spread his legs so I could suck him.
He obeyed and I knelt down between his spread legs and started to suck his dick and his balls. The other security guard came behind me and spanked my ass lightly a few times and inserted his finger in my pussy. I jerked a little as my pussy was very sore but then got used to it quickly and started to enjoy it. He continued till my pussy was a little wet.
I was concentrating on Ali's thick dick and was only able to swallow half of his dick as it was very thick. Ali was moaning in pleasure and that made me hornier and I was also moaning in pleasure. I was getting hornier and hornier. I moved my hands all over Ali's stomach and chest. I enjoyed my hands going through his hairy body. My ass was moving in rhythm to the security guards fingering. I was getting more and more frustrated and finally lost my patience and told the security guard:
Ab chodho bhi na and the security guard stopped fingering me and said while smiling: Chudhney ke liye kaise mana kar sakta hu. Ley mazza le mere lund ka. He then directed his dick with one hand towards the pussy and had his other hand on my waist. When he had inserted the head of his dick in my pussy, he rammed the entire dick in me quickly. I reacted in a very pleasurable sigh to this as he wasn't of a very unusual size and hence didn't cause great pain nor pleasure.
His hands were all over my back and reached for my boobs from behind without wasting anytime he picked up his rhythm and the fucking got intense. I started to moan with that and started moving my ass into his dick while savoring Ali's dick. The fucking made me hornier and I started to suck Ali's dick with great speed and intensity. This made Ali really horny and he splattered his sperm in my mouth.
I was so horny that I gulped down all his juice without taking his dick out of my mouth and kept on sucking his dick after that too. Ali was so excited and amazed he had his hand on the top of the bed in excitement and was moaning like a young virgin girl. The taste of sperm from a circumcised Muslim dick seemed so wrong and taboo and therefore very very tasty.
I kept on sucking him so that he got hard again and could ram his dick in my pussy and make me scream like a bitch while Ali was hard again, the security guard cummed inside me and fell on my back and started to kiss my back and neck. When Ali noticed that his friend was spent, he quickly got up and said: Jaldi hat yar mujhe bhi thokney de.
The security guard took Ali's place in front of my head and I started to suck his limp dick and the cum from his dick. Meanwhile, Ali slid his finger inside my pussy and scooped out his friends cum from my pussy and then used my bra which was kept next to him to wipe my pussy of his friends cum and other juices and then threw my bra on one side of the room.
Then he quickly guided his dick to my pussy and pushed his ass towards me to insert his dick in my pussy. His girth was really big and so I sighed when his head got in my pussy. Since, I was already very wet he was able to put his dick in my pussy with some hard stokes and my moaning got louder and louder. When he pushed his dick completely inside my pussy, I felt pure bliss and the ecstasy was so much that my whole body shivered a bit and involuntarily I raised my head and uttered:
Fuck! I love your lund yaa, fuck me like a bitch! Hearing this Ali smacked my ass and started to slowly increase his rhythm and replied: Kya bol rahi hai mem angreezi mein? The security guard said: Shayad tere lund ki tareef kar rahi hai. Ali said: Lekin aur kuch bhi boli thi. Then Ali got a hold of my hair from my back and pulled it towards him.
I got the guards dick out from my mouth this way and then he came closer to my ears and said: Hindi mein bol kya bol rahi thi. I was moaning like crazy and with my eyes closed and enjoying his thick dick fucking my pussy and hearing the sweet sound of his balls slapping against my ass I was just too lost to reply back and kept quite.
He again slapped me on my ass and said: Abey sunna nahi. Hindi mein bol kya bak rahi thi. He had increased the rhythm a little and I was going crazy now and gathered my breath and said: Meine kaha tha. Mujhe tera lund bahut acha lagta hai aur mujhe zor se kutiya ki tarah thoko. Ali was very pleased hearing this and then he stopped and took out his dick form my pussy.
He rolled me over and made me lie down on my back and spread my legs and placed my feet over his shoulders. He then guided his dick in my pussy and jammed it back in, which made me moan again. He placed his hands on my boobs and started to squeeze them real hard. He was pushing his dick completely inside me and his dick felt much deeper in this position and my pussy lips were being spread real wide which felt amazing.
He was putting all his weight now on my breasts as his hands were squeezing them. The security guard then stood up on his knees behind my head and pulled my head back and inserted his dick back in my mouth. I loved my current situation and wished it could go on forever but unfortunately it had to end and it did. Soon Ali cummed in my pussy and he took his dick out. The security guard was hard again and so gave me a very quick fuck and cummed in my pussy again.
I kept lying on the bed with my legs spread and my pussy full with their cum for a bit as didn't have the energy to move. Both the guys got up and started to get dressed and went out for a smoke. After a while I got up and decided to get dressed. My bra was sticky with the guards cum so decided not to wear it and just put my top on directly. I gathered my shopping bags and my purse and opened the door to go back to my car.
The guards were standing outside smoking and opened the car door for me. I kept my bags in the car and was about to say bye to them when Ali passed me my mobile phone. I was kind of surprised how he got my phone. He then said: Tera phone number lena tha isliye tera phone liya tha. Aur meine apna bhi number daal diya hai tere phone mein. Jab mera lund chahiye mujhe phone kar diyo.
Aur jab mujhe teri phudi chahiye hogi mein tujhe phone kar doonga. He gave me a smile and I smiled back and said: Tere lund ke liye meri choot hamesha tayaar hai. I hugged them both and kissed them and left. I reached home at 9 pm at night and slept like a baby. It was 3 days and my pussy and ass were back to normal and all the soreness had gone and I had started to really crave for the raw sex and specially Ghumar's 'saap'.
I didn't know what to do as I still had to wait for 4 days before I met Ghumar again. My girl friend, Shikha called me and asked me to join her to a party to another of our friends place. I decided to go as that would probably distract me. She's my very close friend and after some drinking, we both opened up and I shared with her about my experience of being fucked by the biggest cock ever and how amazing it was.
She got really excited hearing about that of course I didn't tell her about the fact that Ghumar was a pimp and I went and worked in a brothel and was fucked like a cheap randi by unknown people. I fine tuned the story and just told her about the fact that Ghumar had a huge dick and how great it was in my pussy and ass. She became more and more excited and soon she started to ask me if she could also experience it.
I told her that maybe she couldn't take it. She argued back and said that she could and just to shut her up I told her that I shall arrange a session for her sometime. We hit the bar then and drank more. Soon we decided to leave and since I was so drunk I called home and told them I would be staying at my friends place tonight. I sat in my friend’s car and left.
My car at the party venue as she had a driver when we sat in the car she started to kiss me and rub my pussy. I was already very horny and sex deprived and responded to her. Shikha then looked at me and said: Let’s go and meet your monster cock tonight and have some fun na? Please and she just couldn't get the dick out of her mind and believe me I was hungry for it too. The alcohol was doing its work and I was gutsy and a little out of my mind.
I decided to call Ghumar and meet him tonight. So I called Ghumar and said: Kya mein abhi aa sakti hu tumharey pass?
Ghumar said: Itni jaldi yaad aa gayi meri? Haan haan aaja. Yaha ka rasta aata hai kya?"
I replied: Nahi rasta nahi aata, aap bata do. He started to explain the route to me but I was so drunk I didn't understand anything so I said: Mein apne driver ko phone deti hu, usse samjha do theek hai? He agreed and I gave the phone to the driver and Ghumar explained the route to him and handed the phone back to me and I said:
Meri ek dost bhi hai mere saath. Usse bhi le aao?
Ghumar said: Woh bhi tere jaisi mem hai kya?
I replied: Haan meri jaise hi hai.
Ghumar said: Haan haan le aa, neki aur pooch pooch. Then I hung up and told the driver: Raasta samajh aa gaya na Ramesh."
Ramesh replied: Haan raasta to samajh aa gaya, leki woh achi jagah nahi hai. Aap waha kyu jaana chahti hai?
Shikha replied: Ramesh tum bus waha le chalo, sawaal maat karo."
Ramesh said: Ji madam and we both were so drunk that we didn't even realize what we were doing and how stupid we were. Ramesh was Shikha's driver and we were going to a brothel with him. In fact Shikha wasn't to be blamed as she didn't know we were going to such a filthy place and that we were going to a brothel. I didn't know what her reaction would be when she saw where we were going and the fact that.
I got her to a brothel but I was too drunk to think logically and all I could think of was a good fuck by Ghumar's 'saap'. Since the place was real far away we both slept in the back seat of the car. When we arrived there, the driver Ramesh woke us up. Madam hum pahuch gaye. I woke Shikha up and she slowly opened her eyes. She had a look around where we were and her jaw dropped.
We were deep inside a village and she didn't expect that the guy I had mentioned to her would live in such a place. She looked at me and said: Are you sure we're at the correct place? I looked at her and with a smile I replied back: Yeah don't worry babe we're at the perfect place. She told Ramesh to park the car wherever he could find parking and that she would call him on his phone when she needed him to pick her up from the same place.
He agreed and we got out of the car. I was dressed in a mini skirt and had a tube top with a short jacket covering it. Shikha was a very good looking fair girl with a fantastic figure and voluptuous boobs and she was wearing a short skirt too with a very short top hugging her body. There we were, two high class girls in high heels in the middle of a village and in front of a brothel.
I guided Shikha to the entrance and asked her to climb the stairs and go to the first floor. I lead the way and Shikha followed me. When we reached the first floor, there was a huge crowd of men waiting and we had to go past that crowd to meet Ghumar. When we reached the first floor all the men turned around and started ogling at us. A couple of them closest to us started to touch me and Shikha and just then Ghumar's assistant came and guided us in safely.
Shikha looked at me in amazement and said: Where the hell are we? I thought we were going to meet the monster cock guy?
I replied back: Yes, he's here only baby doesn’t worry.
She said: Here, what is this place, its soooo filthy and look at these people yuck!
I replied: It's a randi khana Shikha, don't be so dumb now.
She said: Randi khana? You mean a brothel?
I replied: Yes!
She said: Why the fuck did you get me here? Are you fucking crazy?
I said: Relax, you're the one who forced me to take you to the monster cock, don't worry you'll love it here and wait till you see the monster cock I'd been telling. Now keep quite else it'll be a problem. She was very scared and confused. She didn't know what to do so she jsut followed me quietly. To be continued..

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

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Monday, 27 February 2012

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